Social tariffs

A frequent learner-visitor to 50+ Digital has a para-digital problem. Her mother needs a lot of practical support. Our learner spends at least one day each week with her. She is very busy with work and education, so she takes a laptop with her – but it doesn’t work out, because her mother does not have an internet connection and lives in a mobile service deadspot. Read more “Social tariffs”

Educational Technology at Learning Together

Two large screens mounted on wheeled stands, showing similar illustrations in landscape and portrait modes. The illustrations both have superimposed handwritten text and lines.

The next phase of Friday afternoon Learning Together will be about how we could use educational technology at Mildmay Community Centre.

What does that mean? Here’s an instant definition from Wikipedia

Educational technology (commonly abbreviated as edutech, or edtech) is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.

Read more “Educational Technology at Learning Together”

Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group wraps up

The final session of the Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group, featuring most of the learners who were present.

The afternoon didn’t work out as we had planned (explained on Learn My Way No Entry) — but we found other things to do, and everyone went home feeling happy that they had contributed to the project objectives. Read more “Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group wraps up”

Union Chapel

What I would like to say  is that I went to union Chapel  one day it was so good to see inside. I have never been so it was good  to know what they do I learn lots but they need help with volunteer to rebuild, but for me it was hard so I said can I drawing a picture so that is what I did and  the woman that was do it her name was Cristine she took photos of it. Read more “Union Chapel”

How I became one of the Fifty-Plus group 2019 to date part 2



Shortly after Whitmore was closed in 2020, we went to various places, such as Secret Garden, Curve Garden and another Garden at Navarino Street. We learnt lots of things in those places. Read more “How I became one of the Fifty-Plus group 2019 to date part 2”

Artificial intelligence for digital learners

5 separate panels, each containing a small square dance scene - all in a vibrant imaginary forest glade, and all obviously artificial

Learn how to make artificial intelligence images

We have started looking at artificial intelligence (AI) – at a very basic level – at Friday afternoon Learning Together.

The best way in to AI for digital beginners seems (so far) to be through generative image creation. Read more “Artificial intelligence for digital learners”

Xmas Lunch Party at Mildmay Community Centre

A sandy beach with blue surf. A group of indistinct people are relaxing around a tall Christmas tree that matches the beach colours. On the top of the tree, a glowing golden star.

Party event of the year

50+ Digital didn’t have time to make photos or video, but we have space in our Memory Bank for this.

It was a lot of hard work for Mildmay Community Centre staff and volunteers. They decorated the main hall, filled it with older people, served them an amazing (and free) Christmas lunch prepared by a professional chef, with a surprising abundance of booze for those who were in the mood – and gave them all a present. Read more “Xmas Lunch Party at Mildmay Community Centre”