Community Research Project

This is a very professional research project that we have been invited to join as specialists in helping older people understand, us, or cope with digital technology – as we get older, not just right now.

In their own words …

We are committed to helping to improve things for older people, and give them a chance to contribute and have an impact.

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Music streaming for beginners

Feedback from our workshop using the Mildmay Community Centre dropdown screen, our projector, the portable bluetooth speaker, the Spotify app on a laptop and free-version Spotify on our training smartphones. Also - links to the workshop playlists and other information.

After the workshop we found video and photos from a Music Stories workshop in March 2013 (the video is in this blog post). We still have the 50+ Digital playlist created at that time - it now has more than 400 eclectic tracks and plays for more than 28 hours. Read more “Music streaming for beginners”

Maggi Hambling memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft

I have done a post on this although I probably shouldn’t have used this photo because I think it is taken from a newspaper. I probably have nothing to add to what is said on the project on the Maggi Hambling website and the press reportage following the unveiling on 10 November 2020. Read more “Maggi Hambling memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft”

Introducing Mike Roberts

This micro-blog is by way of a personal introduction. The photo shows me, Mike Roberts and my partner Joanna who has died recently. My company has had an office in this neighbourhood since 1986. Originally we shared our office space with Beauty Without Cruelty a charity which campaigned against indiscriminate exploitation of wildlife for such things items as perfumes, fur coats, cosmetics and other luxuries. Read more “Introducing Mike Roberts”

He was alive all those years

Margaret’s powerful story of her 20-year search for her African-American GI father. [12 minutes].

Recorded 24 July 2023 amid the hubbub of the main hall at Mildmay Community Centre.

The organistion for which Sally Vincent works is GI Trace – “created to assist people who are trying to trace their American GI fathers, grandfathers or wider family members”.