Artificial intelligence for digital learners

5 separate panels, each containing a small square dance scene - all in a vibrant imaginary forest glade, and all obviously artificial

Learn how to make artificial intelligence images

We have started looking at artificial intelligence (AI) – at a very basic level – at Friday afternoon Learning Together.

The best way in to AI for digital beginners seems (so far) to be through generative image creation. Some of the learning materials will be on this blog (as longform pages rather than microblog posts) because output is likely to be highly bloggable.

We will do more with AI in January and February 2024 (but not necessarily Friday afternoons at Mildmay Community Centre). If you are interested, please find a way to tell us.

Step 1 – click through to Impress your grandchildren with your AI skills – where you will find a page about using a simple, free image generator.

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