How I became one of the Fifty-Plus group 2019 to date

Shortly after my retirement, I wanted to do something because l was bored in staying indoors doing nothing special except domestics jobs around the house, like endless cleaning, gardening and watching television. I challenge myself to put an end to it. I went to the Job centre, for a lighter job, to keep myself busy; I was told that no job for someone of your age, go and look for charity voluntary job.

I go to the Library nearly everyday, on this faithful day, I saw different kinds of leaflets on their table, I picked one up and that happened to be FIFTY-PLUS GROUP, for older people like me, they are teaching them how to use modern phones and computers I was exicited and know this is for me.

I followed the instructions on the leaflets and called their phone number, spoken with Mr.Rick, asking if there is any vacancy for me,  “he pleasantly said there is for you,  come to WHITMORE COMMUNITY CENTRE”. I was happy to meet him the following day and completed the necessary paper work. The training I had in the centre was beneficial, the volunteers were fantastic especially Mr.Tom.

The Covid 19 brought the lock-down, that halted meeting together before resuming again. This is just the summary of my journey to Fifty-Plus. My next episode will be my participations in the group. Thank you for taking your time to read this message.Please do not hesitate to say your opinion or questions regards to this story.

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