Music streaming for beginners

Workshop with Spotify, music & smartphones

Feedback from our workshop using the Community Centre dropdown screen, our projector, the portable bluetooth speaker, the Spotify app on a laptop and free-version Spotify on our training smartphones.

After the workshop we found video and photos from a Music Stories workshop in March 2013. We still have the 50+ Digital playlist created at that time – it now has more than 400 eclectic tracks and plays for more than 28 hours.

Spotify on the smartphones

  • We have installed the free Spotify app on 14 of the Android phones, registered to training email addresses.
  • Individual listening, not a shared group experience.
  • Learners should use their own earbuds, headphones.
  • We will make a handout for people who would like to use their own free-version Spotify account on our devices.

Spotify on a laptop projected to the large dropdown screen

  • We knew it would work because we have done it before.
  • Portable bluetooth speaker – loud enough and sound quality good for the workshop.
  • Premium account allows us make and share playlists — also advance download CD quality playlists.

Future streaming music workshops

  • Probably same as past workshops about memories triggered (or even restored) by music.
  • Spotify has a huge catalog of decades-old music. It definitely includes the lifespans of everyone involved in 50+ Digital.
  • We are thinking of reviving Music Stories (see the video below), perhaps on Monday afternoons.

Workshop links

Spotify and streaming media

Spotify playlist links (Spotify account required)

Music and memory

Music Stories (19 March 2013)

Bring it on home to me

Location: Lawns Digital Inclusion Centre, Matthias Rd (5 minutes from walk from Mildmay Community Centre). The helpers were students at the Royal College of Art. This was one of a series of ‘Cultural Interfaces’ workshops that they organised for us.

What is music streaming? (Youtube video)

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