The Great Escaper Rio monthly film for elderly

Today the Rio projected “The Great Escaper” in its monthly film show for the elderly. This film told the story  of a man resident in a care home who took leave without telling anyone so he could attend the anniversary of the Normandy landings in which had taken part many years previously. It starred Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson.

2 thoughts on “The Great Escaper Rio monthly film for elderly”

  1. I have seen this film and the two central characters are remarkable, Glenda Jackson almost steals the film in what I believe was her last film. Michael Caine’s character is still haunted by memories of the day of the landing and the way the replay of the day plays out through the film is perfectly paced through the film. The story lines tie-up neatly. This is not a film that glorifies war, it is the story of the long, lingering tail to war.

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