We explored digital photos

Reflections on the ‘Exploring digital images’ course

For creative senior citizens who want a result – at Mildmay Community Centre – Monday afternoons in June 2023

Maybe a step too far for some learners, but everybody managed to do something.

We switched from online editing with Chromebooks (good screens) to the Asus E510 laptops (sub-optimal screens) so we could use local Windows software.

At the final class, everybody downloaded a stock photo from the Centre for Ageing Better ResourceSpace, cropped and resized the photo using paint.net, then optimised the crop for web display with RIOT.

Nobody got as far as posting a photo on this blog, but some of the learners definitely could have done it given a bit more time.

Photos from the final class

Edited for this blog by the intrepid learner / explorers.

Click / tap on any thumbnail photo to see a larger version. The captions are ResourceSpace identifiers.


Original intentions

Free photos

Free software downloads (Windows)

  • Paint.net (zip file) – intermediate.
  • RIOT (exe file) – easy.
  • GIMP – impossible for beginners.

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