Learn My Way No Entry

Learn My Way access failure

Wednesday afternoon 31 January 2024

Most attempted logins to LMW failed – after accepting correct email address and correct password – then nothing.

Wednesday evening 31 January 2024

Trying to understand what is happening here. Attempted login by all our LMW accounts failed in the same way.

Attempted to register a new learner. Failed at the halfway point.

No notification, no explanation, no messaging. Our project — to create a model for embedding LMW as part of an existing social-digital inclusion program for older people — is locked out of LMW.

Screen dumps

1. LMW accepts correct login credentials, then responds with a No Entry symbol.

2. Attempting a password reset. This is as far as we got after ten minutes. Just the loading spin wheel – “Sending your code”. Nothing received.

3. Attempting a new registration. This is as far as we got after another ten minutes. No entry.

Update Thursday morning 1 February 2024

Attempted logins using all browsers available on Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11 Home, iOS Catalina, ChromeOS, Linux Mint 21.1, OxygenOS, Android 10 & 11, iPadOS 16.7.

Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave, Safari, Vivaldi, Opera.

Four different networks.

No Entry. We are dead to LMW 🙁

Update Thursday afternoon 1 February 2024

Still No Entry.

Update Thursday evening 1 February 2024

Managed to sign in once — but only by using the MS Edge browser; No entry for other browsers.

Update Friday morning 2 February 2024

Still No Entry. MS Edge browser preference has gone.

Update Friday afternoon 2 February 2024

The final session of our 6-month Learn My Way project.

12 learners, 2 volunteers, 1 tutor = 15 LMW accounts.

Only one could sign in. The others were all rewarded with the No Entry symbol.

Update Friday evening 2 February 2024

No Entry.

Update Saturday morning 3 February 2024

No Entry.

Update Saturday afternoon 3 February 2024

No Entry. Checked for MS Edge preferential access, but that’s dead too. Attempted a password reset, but the spinning wheel of doom was still turning four hours later.

Update Monday morning 5 February 2024

No Entry.

Not our business to know what is going on – but (best guess), looks like total failure of deployment strategy. Nothing wrong with the server host. Can’t be server overload – 5:30 am is not peak user time in the UK, and the initial response is always fast. LMW does not have a status page.

Update Monday afternoon 5 February 2024

No Entry. Our regular Friday afternoon learners are telling us they can’t sign in either. Have emailed a GTF contact, asking when it will be fixed.

Update Monday evening 5 February 2024

No Entry. Closed the browser tab that had been not-signing-in since 5:30 am.

Update Tuesday morning 6 February 2024

No Entry.

Update Tuesday afternoon 6 February 2024

No Entry.

Update Tuesday evening 6 February 2024

No Entry.

Update Wednesday morning 7 February 2024

No Entry.

Update Wednesday afternoon 7 February 2024

No Entry.

Update Wednesday evening 7 February 2024

No Entry. Locked out for more than one week. Filled in the ‘Report an issue’ form on the LMW home page (ie- the site that does not respond).

Update Thursday morning 8 February 2024

No Entry. Good news – got an explanatory email from GTF. Learn My Way is working again. But not for us, not yet – at least 31 previously working LMW accounts still locked out this morning.

Update Thursday afternoon 8 February 2024

No Entry. Our GTF contact has asked their IT team to investigate.

Update Friday morning 9 February 2024

No Entry.

Update Monday morning 12 February 2024

GTF have recognised the problem. They haven’t fixed it yet — but they have given us a workaround that we hope will enable us to complete our phase 1.

Update Tuesday afternoon 13 February 2024

Not fixed yet. The workaround (which we assume is temporary) works for some learners, but not for learners using a password manager.

Update Thursday afternoon 15 February 2024

FIXED – normal service has resumed 🙂

Thank you GTF for the speedy response.

4 thoughts on “Learn My Way No Entry”

  1. Hello Emmanuel – you can see that the Learn My Way website is still online, but you can’t sign in.

    Eventually this problem will be fixed, then you can continue.

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