Cartoon smiling frog holds a placard stating: 'your lived experience is the only thing that matters here'.

Hints for your blog posts

What you should blog about

Blog what blog visitors want and expect — your lived experience, a story, something you have done or witnessed. For example …

  • If you have learnt to do something new — tell us what it is.
  • If you have helped somebody else to learn something, that’s even better — tell us about it.
  • Any event, activity, disaster or achievement in your life — or your family life — that’s all bloggable.

What you should avoid please

Opinions that are unsupported by personal evidence. That includes all politics and preaching. There are many other places on the web where you can do that, and we can help you find one that suits you.

Blogging with photos and other media

This platform (WordPress) supports digital image upload and display. Images are usually photos or scanned artwork.

So you could add an image that supports your story — or perhaps an image that is the story. The image must be your own, not something you have copied or downloaded from the web.

Formatting your posts

This is not a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editor. It’s very different from word-processing.

Please don’t use: colours, font sizes or any other visual styling. The site style sheet will take care of all of that.

Just add your content (words and images), and don’t think too much about what it will look like.

And please don’t worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation. Your post can be edited afterwards if necessary.


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