Feedback to Good Things Foundation – Digital Capability grant Round 3 (Aug 23-Feb 24)

Getting this ready for first week February

This page is not searchable – intended only for GTF contacts, MRS-IL staff and 50+ Digital volunteers.

The funding period ends and final report due today, 31 January. But after the Monday 29 Jan class, we found that most of the learners were expecting the final session on Friday, which will be the first class of the next ‘Digital Divide’ LMW project. We have agreed to let them in if they use the time to provide more feedback, and then stage a group photo.

On this website

1. Learner feedback by blog post

More expected Friday 2 Feb.

More info in note blog posts.

2. Learner feedback by audio

Might get more Friday 2 Feb, but only if it can be edited the following morning.

3. Learner feedback by evaluation form

More expected Friday 2 Feb.

More info in note paper evaluation form.


Almost done

Main report on the ‘service delivery model’ – in progress – plus some final material at end of Friday 2 February.

A detailed walkthrough of the LMW tablet experience, with screenshots of every confusion and design fault – until the point where it freezes and has to be closed. Original purpose – to illustrate why we won’t be using LMW on mobile devices.

Examples of additional material and web pages that did work in conjunction with LMW – especially the Online Shopping theme during the three weeks before Black Friday.

How we organised the Friday afternoon sessions so that new learners could fit into the group.

Anonymised case studies (actually personas representing the diversity of age, motivation, experience, education, cognitive ability, etc).

Some other stuff – and it won’t all be on this blog website.


The blog posts

Best Blog Post Oscar

The award goes to Hardeep, author of Friends for Tea – a micro-event that she directed so she could blog about it afterwards.

The paper evaluation form

This was a last-week add-on for learners expecting the customary paper form.

The rubric

This purpose of this ‘phase 1’ project is to create a working model of how we would incorporate Learn My Way into our existing social and digital inclusion activities. Some aspects of the model are obvious: it’s a group activity; it’s backed up by additional short workshops that respond to your queries; we have simplified the LMW sign-up process; the focal point is usually the large screen at the front, etc.

What we are hoping for is your experience and opinions of this project as a whole – not just Learn My Way, but (critically) how we have tried to embed it into Friday Learning Together.

By the way – we really do use what you tell us to plan further projects.

Comments on form responses

  • Discarded paper forms returned by learners with severe dyslexia, literacy challenges or cognitive impairment.
  • As usual, the responses are strongly influenced by the most recent activities. In this case it was blogging – not in Learn My Way – introduced only one hour before as a means of digital feedback.

Update Friday 2 Feb

Learn My Way group – final – Mildmay Community Centre – 2 February 2024

Learn My Way sign-ins have been impossible since Wednesday afternoon 31 Jan, so the planned activities did not happen – see blog post Learn My Way No Entry.

No messaging from GTF.

We don’t have a working model that anticipates that kind of collapse.