Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group wraps up

The final session of the Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group, featuring most of the learners who were present.

The afternoon didn’t work out as we had planned (explained on Learn My Way No Entry) — but we found other things to do, and everyone went home feeling happy that they had contributed to the project objectives. Read more “Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group wraps up”

Mercy’s laptop

Mercy is an astute and diligent learner. Two afternoons each week is not enough for her – so we gave her a National Device Bank laptop – provided by Good Things Foundation as part of a capability grant. It’s an ex-business laptop, professionally refurbished – and exactly what Mercy needs to practice at home – Learn My Way and everything else on the World Wide Web.

How I became one of the Fifty-Plus group 2019 to date part 2



Shortly after Whitmore was closed in 2020, we went to various places, such as Secret Garden, Curve Garden and another Garden at Navarino Street. We learnt lots of things in those places. Read more “How I became one of the Fifty-Plus group 2019 to date part 2”