Xmas Lunch Party at Mildmay Community Centre

A sandy beach with blue surf. A group of indistinct people are relaxing around a tall Christmas tree that matches the beach colours. On the top of the tree, a glowing golden star.

Party event of the year

50+ Digital didn’t have time to make photos or video, but we have space in our Memory Bank for this.

It was a lot of hard work for Mildmay Community Centre staff and volunteers. They decorated the main hall, filled it with older people, served them an amazing (and free) Christmas lunch prepared by a professional chef, with a surprising abundance of booze for those who were in the mood – and gave them all a present. Read more “Xmas Lunch Party at Mildmay Community Centre”

Music with Emma Scarr at the Stuart Low Trust

Last Friday  I went to an evening of entertainment provided by songwriter and and poet, Emma Scarr at the Stuart Low Trust. She is a music teacher who lives locally and sings folksongs, many of which have been influenced by her life and the livelihood which she has earned in Islington. Read more “Music with Emma Scarr at the Stuart Low Trust”

Music streaming for beginners

Feedback from our workshop using the Mildmay Community Centre dropdown screen, our projector, the portable bluetooth speaker, the Spotify app on a laptop and free-version Spotify on our training smartphones. Also - links to the workshop playlists and other information.

After the workshop we found video and photos from a Music Stories workshop in March 2013 (the video is in this blog post). We still have the 50+ Digital playlist created at that time - it now has more than 400 eclectic tracks and plays for more than 28 hours. Read more “Music streaming for beginners”

DJ Mumbles is back

DJ Mumbles and Mikie talking about African music and reggae [12½ minutes].

Recorded 3 July 2023 amid the hubbub of the main hall at Mildmay Community Centre.

Mentioned on the track –

Read more “DJ Mumbles is back”

R.I.P Gifty Naa Dk – musician, performer, fire-eater, hair stylist, street food artist

Head and shoulders portrait of Gifty

Gifty passed 16 February 2023

Two Gifty podcast episodes on Radio Together

Gifty’s post-pandemic message

Mama Gifty’s Kitchen: Real Food, Cooked with Love

Gifty Naa Dk in her street kitchen. Background slogan - Real Food, Cooked with Love.
Gifty Naa Dk serving food in her street kitchen. Background slogan - Real Food, Cooked with Love.


Gifty Naa Dk, Sue Jarvis and friends – in St Mary’s Secret Garden – 9 September 2020.