NHS CSR volunteers at the Digital Drop-in

Zhané, Hardeep and Charlie - head and shoulders view against a plain white wall.

CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility – a formal name for the kind of volunteering that was a frequent feature of the 50+ Digital project before the COVID pandemic wrecked everything.

For the previous 10 years we had been hosting a stream of enthusiastic volunteers from city firms – mostly young, always very clever – sometimes individually, sometimes in small teams – and remarkably effective. Read more “NHS CSR volunteers at the Digital Drop-in”

Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group wraps up

The final session of the Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group, featuring most of the learners who were present.

The afternoon didn’t work out as we had planned (explained on Learn My Way No Entry) — but we found other things to do, and everyone went home feeling happy that they had contributed to the project objectives. Read more “Friday afternoon ‘Learn My Way’ group wraps up”

Mercy’s laptop

Mercy is an astute and diligent learner. Two afternoons each week is not enough for her – so we gave her a National Device Bank laptop – provided by Good Things Foundation as part of a capability grant. It’s an ex-business laptop, professionally refurbished – and exactly what Mercy needs to practice at home – Learn My Way and everything else on the World Wide Web.

Fanny’s laptop


Fanny is an Early Years Teaching Assistant, also working hard as an FE student for qualifications that will improve her job prospects. She needed a laptop for her course.

Fortunately we were able to solve Fanny’s IT difficulty. We set up a National Device Bank laptop – provided by Good Things Foundation as part of a capability grant. Read more “Fanny’s laptop”

Volunteer team from Jump Trading


The 6 December Digital Drop-in was transformed by a volunteer team from Jump Trading – all of them brilliant young software engineers working at the cutting edge of digital tech.

Attendance was one of the best this year. It felt like the best drop-in achievement because the Jump Trading team worked with our regular experienced team to help and inspire so many older people with longstanding aspirations as well as difficulties. Read more “Volunteer team from Jump Trading”

Introducing Mike Roberts

This micro-blog is by way of a personal introduction. The photo shows me, Mike Roberts and my partner Joanna who has died recently. My company has had an office in this neighbourhood since 1986. Originally we shared our office space with Beauty Without Cruelty a charity which campaigned against indiscriminate exploitation of wildlife for such things items as perfumes, fur coats, cosmetics and other luxuries. Read more “Introducing Mike Roberts”

DJ Mumbles is back

DJ Mumbles and Mikie talking about African music and reggae [12½ minutes].

Recorded 3 July 2023 amid the hubbub of the main hall at Mildmay Community Centre.

Mentioned on the track –

Read more “DJ Mumbles is back”