Social tariffs

A frequent learner-visitor to 50+ Digital has a para-digital problem. Her mother needs a lot of practical support. Our learner spends at least one day each week with her. She is very busy with work and education, so she takes a laptop with her – but it doesn’t work out, because her mother does not have an internet connection and lives in a mobile service deadspot. Read more “Social tariffs”

Educational Technology at Learning Together

Two large screens mounted on wheeled stands, showing similar illustrations in landscape and portrait modes. The illustrations both have superimposed handwritten text and lines.

The next phase of Friday afternoon Learning Together will be about how we could use educational technology at Mildmay Community Centre.

What does that mean? Here’s an instant definition from Wikipedia

Educational technology (commonly abbreviated as edutech, or edtech) is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.

Read more “Educational Technology at Learning Together”

50-Plus Device Bank – free laptops for older people

A laptop with the screen raised to show a landscape photo. Additional text: '50+ Device Bank laptops'.

50-Plus Digital has joined the National Device Bank scheme

The National Device Bank

You can read about the national scheme at the main website –

Our local 50-Plus Device Bank

Details of this scheme are on our main website 50-plus device bank laptops

Update 16 May 2023

Our initial batch of laptops have all been allocated. Read more “50-Plus Device Bank – free laptops for older people”

50-Plus Databank – free SIM cards for older people

50-Plus Digital has joined the National Databank scheme

The National Databank

You can read about this scheme at the main website –

Think of it like a food bank but for internet connectivity data – a free SIM card with a free mobile data plan. Read more “50-Plus Databank – free SIM cards for older people”